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Things We Are Into Right Now

Posted by Paul on February 15, 2018
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Mid-century modern decor

mid century modern

Decoratively displaying our own favorite notes, quotes, and reminders

No bad days. jpgPut yo' phone down

Furniture that looks and feels “Au Naturel”

natural wood dresser & robes-2 seagrass stools-2 wooden kitchen-2

Gold & white still goin strong…

white cabinets gold hardware-2 white & gold throw pillow-2gold_white light fixture

…but with some recently thrown in jewel toned accents

Green bathroom (jewel tones) red rug brown_white dresser

Indoor plants & Bullet planters

bullet planters-2 bullet planter Green is the new black - indoor plants-2 bedroom indoor plants-2

Abstract art

abstract art #2 gold triangular art-2 abstract art #1

As always…keeping things oh-so-cozy.

gold accents w_ round mirror LR (resembles Kims) -2cozy bedroom

Our overall theme?

*stay golden* 

-Dana Eller

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